The Concerns Assessment, Referral, & Education (CARE) Team
The CARE Team is a group of professionals from across the campus and across disciplines that reviews cases and implements timely interventions for student situations where student behavior raises concern. The goal is always to fashion a careful and appropriate outreach or intervention to students who are struggling in or outside the classroom and to monitor students in need. For further information or to report a student concern, please visit the CARE Team page

The Conduct System: 
The function of our student conduct system is to safeguard student rights and provide adequate appellate processes. Our conduct system is educational in nature, and any students who are found responsible for violating established rules, practices, and procedures, or those whose conduct is contrary to the best interest of other students or the College will be held accountable. Students are reminded that they are expected at all times to conduct themselves, on and off campus, in a manner appropriate to an AIC student and in accord with the mission and philosophy of the College. Students are accountable for their actions and conduct. If a student is documented for violating a policy they will have an educational conduct meeting with a designated conduct officer, it is important to recognize that an educational meeting does not denote responsibility, each student receives due process.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
FERPA was designed to protect students and the release of their information related to being a student. FERPA prevents AIC from releasing certain information to family members without the student's consent. A student can submit a FERPA waiver if he or she would like information related to any or all of the categories below to be released to his or her parents/guardians.

Without a FERPA waiver on file, the following can only be discussed directly with the student:

  • Conduct Record
  • Business Office Records
  • Financial Aid Records
  • Housing Assignment
  • Academic Status

We can always discuss our policies and procedures generally.