If a student is interested in changing their housing assignment, they can start the process by submitting a Room Change Request Form. When a form is received, a member of the Residence Life team will contact the student with opportunities available in the residence hall they are requesting. If the student does not qualify to live in the space they've requested, or if there are no beds to offer, alternative options will be made available.


A "Housing Freeze" will be in effect for the beginning of each semester. During the housing freeze, no room changes will be granted or fulfilled. This is to allow students to settle and give their living situation the best opportunity to work as possible. Housing freezes are scheduled as follows:

Fall Term:
August 1st to the second Friday of the fall term.

Spring Term:
January 1st to the second Friday of the spring term.

During the housing freeze, roommates are required to complete the Roommate Agreement Form and the Roommate Cleaning Agreement and submit both documents to the Resident Director or Area Coordinator of their residence hall. Only "emergency room changes" where AIC Police or Severe Residence Life Intervention is needed, will be considered during the housing freeze.


After the first two weeks of the semester, the Office of Residence Life will reach out to students in double rooms without roommates. Those students are offered to either pull a roommate into their room, move into a room with a roommate, or buyout their room for the price of either a single buyout or a single due to vacancy. 

Single Buyout: 
A single buyout is offered to a student who either:
a.) Is living in a double room without a roommate in the fall semester.
b.) Is living in a double room without a roommate in the spring semester who had a roommate in the fall for less than 50% of the semester.
c.) Is new to housing in the spring semester, but is in a double room without a roommate.

Single Due to Vacancy
A single due to vacancy is offered to a student who is returning to their housing assignment in the spring term, but had a roommate for more than 50% of the fall semester. Single due to vacancy rates are NOT available in the fall term.