The function of a student conduct system is to safeguard student rights and provide adequate appellate processes.

Students who are found responsible for violating established rules, practices, and procedures, or those whose conduct is contrary to the best interest of other students or the College will be held accountable. Students are expected to abide by Commonwealth laws, city ordinances, and College regulations both on and off campus. Civil authorities may be called to the campus if college officials deem such action necessary. Students are reminded that they are expected at all times to conduct themselves, on and off campus, in a manner appropriate to an American International College student and in accord with the mission and philosophy of the College.

Students are individuals and are individually accountable for their actions and conduct. Any behavior that violates the code of conduct, whether on campus, adjacent to campus, or off campus, is subject to conduct charges.  Should a floor or group of students (e.g., club or athletic team) be found in violation of policy, the floor or group of students will all be held responsible.

The Director of Residence Life & Student Conduct is the primary person responsible for the integrity of the conduct system and the appointment of conduct officers. Secondary conduct officers include the Associate Director of Residence Life & Student Conduct, and Residence Directors & Area Coordinators.

The Director of Residence Life & Student Conduct may ask other members of College administration and faculty to serve as conduct officers on a case-by-case basis

Independent conduct structures exist for Academics and Athletics, though the conduct systems may integrate concurrently or consecutively on a situational basis at the discretion of the Director of Residence Life & Student Conduct and Chief Academic Officer.

The purpose of the Formal Hearing Board shall be:

  • To hear cases of possible student misconduct and serve as the primary hearing board in cases where a student was placed on an Order of Temporary Suspension or as deemed necessary by the Associate Dean of Students.
  • The Formal Hearing Board shall consist of a minimum of three members


The members of the formal hearing board shall be appointed by the Director of Residence Life & Student Conduct. The Formal Hearing Board shall have the authority to:

  • Determine responsibility in a conduct case based on the preponderance of evidence (“more likely than not”)
  • Assign appropriate sanctions based on the findings of the case