Time to change your password?

Please make sure to read the Password Change Overview document linked below and follow the other supplied directions about your particular devices (Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, etc). If you have multiple devices, you may want to do this during a time when IT staff are available to help.

Having other password issues?

If you have forgotten your actual password, but your devices are currently auto-logging you in, you may create a new password by going to the portal using another (not logged-in) web browser and going to the Help > Password Management page and selecting "Forgot or Reset password" from that screen. You will be prompted to answer your 3 security questions and you will be allowed to set a new password.

If you have forgotten the answers to any security/challenge questions, then you should use a device that has remembered your password, and go to the Help > Password Management page and update your security/challenge questions. (Note: Your security question answers are not case sensitive.) Then log out of the portal, or use a non-logged-in browser to use the "Forgot or Reset password" feature.