Summer 2021/ Fall 2021


All statements are subject to change based on changes in programs, majors, course enrollment and residency status. Financial Aid is also based on many factors and is subject to change. You will receive an email with your initial statement (once per semester). Please view your online statement for updates.

AIC has semester based billing. The statement on the portal will show your balance for the selected semester only. You may also have balances due or credit balances on previous semesters. Please contact Student Accounts if you need assistance.

Summer 2021:

  • Online statements expected to be available mid April
  • Monthly payment plans and online payments are available (Charges for summer will not show yet though)

Fall 2021:

  • Statements expected to become available mid June

Monthly Payment Plans:

  • Monthly Payment Plans are available for the Summer 2021. Enroll via the Payment Gateway (below) or View all Monthly Payment Plans
  • The monthly payment plans available for Fall 2021/Spring 2022 should be posted by mid-May. 

Important Notice Regarding Residency Changes:

Students who applied for housing agreed to live on campus for the entire academic year and may not cancel their Spring housing unless approved by the Waivers and Accommodations Committee. To request consideration for cancellation, please complete the Housing & Dining Cancellation Waiver Form. Students will still be charged their spring housing and dining costs if they do not submit a request or if their request is denied.

  • Financial aid packages will be adjusted if moving between AIC Housing (Resident Student) and Off Campus Housing (Commuter Student).
  • Financial Aid packages may be adjusted if your Dining Plan is changed or cancelled.
  • After your residency/dining change has been approved and processed, your financial aid packages will be reviewed and adjusted. Please contact Financial Aid at with any questions or concerns.
  • Contact with any questions or concerns about the room and meal adjustments.
Welcome. Click the link to generate your bill.

Refund Options Form

Purpose: Use this form to indicate that you want to be issued a refund when eligible and to indicate how you want to receive the refund.  Please contact Student Accounts at if you have any questions. Refund checks due to Federal Student Aid are issued automatically and in accordance to the options chosen on the Authorization for Federal Student Aid form. You do not need to complete this request if all of your financial aid is from Federal Student Aid.  (see Refund Policy)

Eligibility: Must have a credit balance on the student account for ALL semesters for which you have been billed. Refunds are issued once every week to eligible students.

Time-Frame:  Requests are kept on file for a year. The year is from Aug 1 to July 31. You need to submit a request once a year (or to change your options chosen)

See Your Submission: Choose View Reports at the top of this form to see your submissions. All address changes are submitted to the Registrar’s Office to have your account updated. Address changes may take 2-10 business days.

Special Notice:  If you choose, to have your  check Held for Pick-Up at AIC, the check will be sent to the AIC Campus Mail Room for you to pick up. Please bring your student ID# or a picture ID. Check can only be held for one week and then they will be  mailed.

Student ID
Student Name:
Request Refund?

Hold Refund in Office or Mail?

Here is the billing address we have on file for you, which is where your refund check will be mailed. If this has changed, please update your address below.
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If your billing address has changed, enter your new billing address below. If no changes are needed, please skip this step. The address change will be sent to the Registrar's Office and your address of record will be updated.
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