Fall 2020

  • Estimated Billing Statements for tuition, fees and financial aid are available. AIC is still in the process of verifying all accounts for the Fall 2020. If you have changed to a new program or major since the Spring 2020 then the estimated statement may not yet reflect your new program/major.
  • Residence Life: Room and Meal charges are expected to be added to your account mid-July and are NOT included in the estimated statements or online (payment gateway) balances.

        Please refer to the Residence Life page for all Housing and meal plan charges.

        Standard Room and Meal Plan Charges -Per Semester: (may vary based on your options chosen):

             Standard Double Room (per semester):  $3,710

             Standard Meal Plan (per semester);        $3,620

             Total Room/Meal (per semester):     $7,330

  • Monthly Payment Plans are available for the Fall 2020.
  • Student Health Insurance: The waiver/enrollment for Fall 2020 will open June 15, 2020.
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Refund Request Form

Purpose: Use this form to indicate that you want to be issued a refund when eligible. Please contact Student Accounts at studentaccounts@aic.edu if you have any questions.

Eligibility: Must have a credit balance on the student account for ALL semesters for which you have been billed. Refunds are issued once every week.

Time-Frame:  Requests are kept on file for a year. The year is from Aug 1 to July 31. You need to submit a request once a year (or to change your options chosen)

See Your Submission: Choose View Reports at the top of this form to see your submissions. All address changes are submitted to the Registrar’s Office to have your account updated.

Special Notice: Regardless of option chosen, all refund checks will be MAILED while the office is closed due to COVID-19. If you chose to have the check held for pick-up, that option will be honored once the office re-opens.

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