Students are responsible for the care and cleaning of their housing assignment, and for preventing damages to their community. Facilities Management and Housekeeping's responsibility is to ensure that the building is safe and clean without need to exert additional labor or material to do so. Damages or excessive cleaning needs will be addressed by the AIC Facilities Management and Housekeeping team, however any additional costs related to such will be applied to all students living in that area. متجر بلاي

Any damages or additional cleaning that must be addressed by the AIC Facilities Management and Housekeeping team will result in community-wide damage billing. For example, if a wall in a stairwell is vandalized, or if a sink is broken in the floor-shared bathroom, the following process will be practiced: descargar play store

  1. Notification to all students regarding the damages and estimated cost will be sent via AIC email.
  2. Students will have 24 hours to either claim responsibility or name responsibility for the damages. Communication otherwise received regarding cost or refusal to participate in the process will not be considered.
  3. If a student or students are found responsible, that student will go through the Student Conduct Process to determine a fair and equitable outcome. If a "guest" is found to have caused the damages, the student hosting them or who allows them into the space will be held responsible. This might result in alternatives to billing being applied to the student.
  4. If a responsible party does not come forward or is not named, the entire community will share in the cost of the repair and restoration. play store download

AIC Laundry Services are provided by Automatic Laundry. Such services are of no additional cost to our students - no need for quarters or laundry cards! All residence halls are outfitted with at least one laundry room, open 24 hours a day, unless closed for maintenance. Students are required to provide their own laundry detergent and supplies. To view available machines, go to our Laundry Room Tracker.

Students with a non-emergency issue in their room or community, may submit a work order requests in the MyHousing Portal by following these steps:

  1. Login to the MyHousing Portal
  2. Click "More Tasks" and select "Work Orders"
  3. Enter the location and details of the issue. Please be specific.
  4. An AIC Facilities Staff Member will be able to assist.

Examples of non-emergency work orders include: a light burned out, window shade broken, bed needs to be raised or lowered, a drawer is stuck, etc.متجر بلايمتجر بلايمتجر بلاي

If there is an emergency that needs to be addressed immediately, students must contact Campus Police at 413-205-3333 for an AIC Facilities Management team member to be dispatched to the location of the emergency. Emergency work orders include:جوجل بلاي

  • Flooding that cannot be managed by towels or paper towels and is actively flowing into a space.
  • Blood-borne pathogens (urine, feces, blood, vomit) in a common area (hall, stairwell, bathroom, lounge, etc).
  • A broken window.
  • A broken door or lock that locks to a housing assignment.
  • Electrical issue (outlets not working).

If a student requests an emergency work order, however the issue is not an actual emergency, the student may be assessed an additional fee.

Should damages to a student's personal belongings occur for any reason, American International College is not responsible for replacement or reimbursement of such to the student. Students are encouraged to purchase a renter's insurance policy to protect their belongings. واتس ويبتنزيل واتساب

NSSI Student Property Insurance: