Students interested in commuting to AIC must meet one of the ‘Residency Requirement’ exemptions below:

  • You live with your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) within 30 miles of AIC
  • You are a legally responsible party for dependent children or other family members
  • You live with your spouse
  • You need special housing due to a physical disability that AIC cannot reasonably accommodate
  • You are 23 years old or older at the start of the Fall semester.
  • (Transfers) You have completed your ‘Residency Requirement’ (living in a Residence Hall on a college campus for at least 3-years) prior to attending AIC

If you meet one of these requirements, you are welcome to submit a ‘Commuter Student Housing Application’ on the MyHousing Portal found HERE.

To apply for commuter status, students should:

  1. Login to the MyHousing Portal with you AIC email and password
  2. Click ‘Application’ in the left menu of the MyHousing Portal
  3. Select the Commuter Student Eligibility Application
  4. Read the ‘Commuter Student Agreement’ carefully and sign with an electronic signature
  5. Complete your application and click ‘Continue’
  6. You will receive a confirmation message and email indicating that your application has been received

Once your application is received, Residence Life will review your application and will notify you via email if you’ve been approved for Commuter Status.

Commuter Students are eligible for any of the following Commuter Student Only plan:

Meal Plan



30 Meals Per Semester

5 Meal Exchange Swipes per Week to be used in the Hive*

+$200 Dining Dollars


Optional for Commuter Students only.

The 75 Meals per Semester Plan:

75 Meals Per Semester

5 Meal Exchange Swipes per Week to be used in the Hive*

+$100 Dining Dollars


Optional for Commuter Students only.

The 125 Meals per Semester Plan:

125 Meals Per Semester in the Dining Commons

5 Meal Exchange Swipes per Week to be used in the Hive*

+$200 Dining Dollars


Optional for Commuter Students only.

The 14 Swipes Per Week Plan:

14 Meals Per Week in the Dining Commons

5 Meal Exchange Swipes per Week to be used in the Hive*

+$200 Dining Dollars


Optional for Commuter Students only.

The Unlimited Plan:

Unlimited Meal Swipes in the Dining Commons

7 Meal Exchange Swipes per Week to be used in the Hive*

+$300 Dining Dollars


Optional for Commuter Students only.

Are you a commuter student interested in purchasing a meal plan?
Please submit your Commuter Student Meal Plan Request Form!

Commuters must apply for a Parking Permit HERE. Commuters are eligible to park in Lots B, D, and A, please reference the Campus Map and familiarize yourself with parking on-campus prior to the first day of classes. Once you’ve applied for and receive your parking permit you must display it in the lower driver’s side corner of the rear windshield. Please reference the full parking policy HERE. Questions about parking? Call Campus Police at 413-205-3208.


Being a commuter student, you might find that you're on campus with some time between classes. Below are some of the options for commuter students to spend time where they can get some work done, eat a meal, or socialize:

The Center for Student Engagement:
The Center for Student Engagement (CSE) located on the second floor of the Schwartz Campus Center provides a comfortable and engaging space for commuters to relax between classes, join a club or organization, or engage with peers. The CSE is open from 8am to 10pm Monday through Friday and is open 10am to 10pm on the weekends.

The Colaccino Living Room:
The Colaccino Living Room is located in the Schwartz Campus Center on the first floor. This space is outfitted with lounge furniture, a fireplace, and a wall of windows that open when we have nice weather. Conveniently located next to the Hive Food Court and Cafe (of which proudly serves Starbucks products). The living room is accessible when the Schwartz Campus Center is open. 

The James J. Shea Sr. Memorial Library:

The James J. Shea Sr. Memorial Library on-campus is also a great space for commuters to relax and get classwork done between classes. Commuter students can also utilize the Learning Commons which offers a variety of independent and collaborative learning styles. The flag room serves as a large group collaborative zone featuring several furniture configurations, as well as a video projection option and whiteboard space. Learn more HERE.

At this time, AIC does not own off-campus housing to offer commuting students, nor are there partnerships with the College to advertise rental properties in the area. Students renting properties are welcome to use search engines such as Zillow, Realtor, or any other rental website to find the best match for them. 

While AIC is not able to assist in finding commuter students off-campus properties to rent, we can assist in you searching for and matching with roommates. After you've applied and been approved for commuter status (apply for such in the MyHousing Portal), you'll be able to use the Roommate Search feature in the MyHousing Portal. 

To search for and match with roommates:

1.) Apply for Commuter Status and be approved (see application instructions above).
2.) Login to the MyHousing Portal
3.) CLICK: "Roommates/Room Selection"
4.) Select the term you are searching for roommates in.
5.) Search for roommates either by name, major, or other available attributes.

You can view a student's profile, send them a message, or send them a request to match as roommates in the MyHousing Portal.


Title Description

Being a student at AIC (commuter or residential) offer the opportunity to grow in all ways. The AIC Student Handbook serves as a tool for students to remind them of the policies, procedures, and expectations that apply for them. The Student Handbook can answer many of your questions regarding AIC’s code of conduct, policies, procedures, and your student rights. 

Commuter students interested in purchasing a meal plan may do so by using the link above! 
Meal plans offered include:

  • 7 Day Unlimited Meal Plan, with $300 Dining Dollars
  • 14 Meals per Week Meal Plan, with $200 Dining Dollars
  • 125 Meals per Semester Meal Plan, with $200 Dining Dollars
  • 75 Meals per Semester Meal Plan, with $100 Dining Dollars
  • 30 Meals Per Semester Meal Plan, with $200 Dining Dollars

Special Notes: Dining Dollars may be used in the Hive food court in the Campus Center. Commuter Meal Plans must be purchased every semester; they do not roll over from semester to semester. 

Request a meal plan here!

Join the Commuter Engagement Organization, you can find out more information by attending the Student Engagement Fair or by going to ENGAGE. The CEO was created to strengthen the commuter family on-campus by:

  1. Creating a positive and supportive environment
  2. Discussing and resolving Issues
  3. Planning interactive events for commuters
  4. Providing information and resources

AIC is not only a place of academic success but a place that encompasses all aspects of a fulfilling future. Many commuters only see a piece of what the college experience is like. This organization allows commuters to fully enjoy the entirety of what AIC has to offer.

Click here for a list of basic car maintenance suggestions and schedules. Please know that AIC is not responsible for any damages to personal vehicles, and that you should always contact a trusted mechanic for suggestions that'd best fit your vehicle.