Being a student at AIC (commuter or residential) offer the opportunity to grow in all ways. The AIC Student Handbook serves as a tool for students to remind them of the policies, procedures, and expectations that apply for them. The Student Handbook can answer many of your questions regarding AIC’s code of conduct, policies, procedures, and your student rights. 

Commuter students interested in purchasing a meal plan may do so by using the link above! 
Meal plans offered include:

  • 7 Day Unlimited Meal Plan, with $300 Dining Dollars
  • 14 Meals per Week Meal Plan, with $200 Dining Dollars
  • 125 Meals per Semester Meal Plan, with $200 Dining Dollars
  • 75 Meals per Semester Meal Plan, with $100 Dining Dollars
  • 30 Meals Per Semester Meal Plan, with $200 Dining Dollars

Special Notes: Dining Dollars may be used in the Hive food court in the Campus Center. Commuter Meal Plans must be purchased every semester; they do not roll over from semester to semester. 

Request a meal plan here!

Join the Commuter Engagement Organization, you can find out more information by attending the Student Engagement Fair or by going to ENGAGE. The CEO was created to strengthen the commuter family on-campus by:

  1. Creating a positive and supportive environment
  2. Discussing and resolving Issues
  3. Planning interactive events for commuters
  4. Providing information and resources

AIC is not only a place of academic success but a place that encompasses all aspects of a fulfilling future. Many commuters only see a piece of what the college experience is like. This organization allows commuters to fully enjoy the entirety of what AIC has to offer.

Click here for a list of basic car maintenance suggestions and schedules. Please know that AIC is not responsible for any damages to personal vehicles, and that you should always contact a trusted mechanic for suggestions that'd best fit your vehicle.