Being a commuter student, you might find that you're on campus with some time between classes. Below are some of the options for commuter students to spend time where they can get some work done, eat a meal, or socialize:

The Center for Student Engagement:
The Center for Student Engagement (CSE) located on the second floor of the Schwartz Campus Center provides a comfortable and engaging space for commuters to relax between classes, join a club or organization, or engage with peers. The CSE is open from 8am to 10pm Monday through Friday and is open 10am to 10pm on the weekends.

The Colaccino Living Room:
The Colaccino Living Room is located in the Schwartz Campus Center on the first floor. This space is outfitted with lounge furniture, a fireplace, and a wall of windows that open when we have nice weather. Conveniently located next to the Hive Food Court and Cafe (of which proudly serves Starbucks products). The living room is accessible when the Schwartz Campus Center is open. 

The James J. Shea Sr. Memorial Library:

The James J. Shea Sr. Memorial Library on-campus is also a great space for commuters to relax and get classwork done between classes. Commuter students can also utilize the Learning Commons which offers a variety of independent and collaborative learning styles. The flag room serves as a large group collaborative zone featuring several furniture configurations, as well as a video projection option and whiteboard space. Learn more HERE.