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AIC Nursing, PT and OT Graduates Prepared to Embark on Healthcare Careers

Twenty-eight new nurses from the American International College (AIC) class of 2023 are ready to answer the call and help address the region’s nursing shortage. Despite facing the challenges of the pandemic throughout their college journey, these graduates proudly received their bachelor’s degree in nursing from AIC during the Commencement Ceremony at the MassMutual Center on May 13.


AIC’s Commencement coincided with National Nurses Month, a celebration that honors the invaluable contributions made by the nation’s four million registered nurses. These graduates entered college at a time when the healthcare system underwent significant changes due to the pandemic. As they celebrate graduation, the demand for nurses continues to rise.


A day before graduation, the students took part in the Nursing Pinning Ceremony held at the Esther B. Griswold Theatre on campus. This time-honored tradition, with roots dating back to the twelfth century, symbolizes the entry of students into the nursing profession. Revered by many nurses as a cherished rite of passage, the ceremony often holds more significance for them than their school's commencement.


During the ceremony, the students were presented with the AIC nursing pin, designed in 1987 by artist-in-residence Alvin Paige. The design symbolizes the College's core principles, including its commitment to social justice. The pin features the name of the College and its motto, “post tenebras lux”, a Latin phrase that translates to “after darkness, light.” This message signifies the students’ transition into a new world through education.


The nursing graduates heard from Class speaker Laura Vanessa Moya Mejia, who expressed gratitude for the camaraderie shared among her classmates. She remarked, “We have finally made it to the day we’ve dreamt of for so long.” Moya Mejia, who gave birth to her second daughter during her junior year, acknowledged that it sometimes felt like graduation would never become a reality. However, she added, “Despite all of it, we realized we can adapt to anything.”


Guest faculty speaker Moira O’Shea, MSN, RN, CNE, reminded the graduates they are about to enter one of the most admired and respected professions. She encouraged them to continue their education throughout their careers, saying, “Today does not mark the end of your education, but rather a new beginning. Embrace the passion you feel today, every day, and never forget why you chose this profession.”


In addition to nursing, AIC’s Division of Physical Therapy and Division of Occupational Therapy also honored their graduates with a pinning ceremony. Twenty-three Master of Science in Occupational Therapy graduates, one Post-Professional Occupational Therapy Doctorate graduate, and twenty-six Doctor of Physical Therapy graduates were awarded pins to commemorate their achievements.


AIC Hosts Inaugural Pathway to Higher Education Forum

A new partnership between American International College (AIC) and two community groups working to promote access to higher education is designed to benefit families in Springfield by empowering parents to support their children's academic success.


AIC joined hands with the Coalition of Experienced Black Educators (COEBE) and the Springfield Empowerment Zone Partnership to organize a community forum called Parents as Partners on the Pathway to Higher Education, reflecting the College’s values of Access and Community. The event, initiated by State Representative Bud Williams of Springfield, equipped dozens of families with valuable insight into the higher education process and the crucial role parents play in their children’s college experience.


During the forum, keynote speaker and President of AIC Hubert Benitez DDS, PhD, emphasized the importance of removing barriers to higher education and making it accessible to everyone, irrespective of their background or financial situation.


“AIC continues to fulfill its promise of working collaboratively with its community members and partners to increase awareness of the value of an education and to create structured pathways for students to pursue a higher education degree,” said President Benitez. “Collaborating with COEBE is another example of how members of our community can work together to continue to promote equality of opportunity and support the social mobility of the people of Mason Square and the City of Springfield.”


AIC was recently recognized as a top performer for social mobility by the 2022-23 U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges rankings. AIC's ranking tied for number sixty-nine, placing the College second in Massachusetts in the report's National College category, behind only the University of Massachusetts Boston.


Although the cost to obtain a college degree may be perceived as a barrier to higher education, the forum participants learned that the actual expense is frequently lower than the published "sticker price." This is because students often obtain financial assistance through grants and scholarships. AIC is a perfect example of this, as 100% of its students receive some form of financial aid.


The value of obtaining higher education was further supported by a recent study by the Georgetown University Center on Education and Workforce, which revealed that young Americans without a college degree are unlikely to find economic stability and are more likely to be stuck in low-earning jobs than not by age thirty.


Longtime educator and member of COEBE Willette Johnson expressed the group’s strong commitment to partnering with AIC to help guide students toward higher education, which can result in future financial stability and a better quality of life.


Johnson commended the College president for his inspirational keynote address, saying, "Dr. Benitez delivered a flawless message about the crucial role of parents and other caring adults in a child's educational journey. He also provided critical information about how the influence of those who have walked the path before them can make a significant difference in a young person's future potential. We were fortunate to have the President's poise and friendly presence," Willette said.


Willette shared her excitement about collaborating with AIC on similar initiatives in the future, a sentiment echoed by Dr. Benitez, who emphasized, “Education is the key to success, and every student deserves access to quality higher education.”

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