Returning Student Housing Selection Process
Step 1: Submit Your Application

Priority deadline is 11:59 PM on April 1, 2024 to secure your spot in the housing lottery. 
Applications submitted after this time will be added to the lottery after all numbers have been generated (essentially putting the student to the bottom of the priority list).

All current AIC students, commuters, and residents are eligible to live on campus and participate in the Returning Student Housing Selection Process. A student may still apply for housing, choose their roommates, and select their room even if they have a hold on their account (except for BU10 Holds), or if they aren’t yet registered for Fall 2024 courses.

For students to retain their 2024-2025 housing assignment, they must be registered for courses no later than July 1, 2024.

Application instructions:

    1. Login to the MyHousing Portal using your AIC e-mail and password.
      • If you experience issues logging in, you will need to contact the IT HelpDesk to reset your password.
      • The IT HelpDesk Can be reached at: 413-205-3402
    2. Click "Applications" on the left side of the screen and select "Returning Student Housing Application 2024-2025".
    3. Read through the Student Housing Agreement and sign your name in the "Electronic Signature" box using your cursor.
    4. Fill in the required information fields on the application.
    5. Submit the application.

After you have successfully submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation message and an AIC email indicating the next steps in the process and a copy of the AIC Housing Agreement 2023-2024

After you've applied for housing, you'll be able to start Step 2: Match With Your Roommates.

Roommate Matching will become available in the MyHousing Portal, starting on February 12, 2024.

We suggest that you speak with the students you're interested in matching with before actually matching with them as roommates. Your roommate group should all be in agreement to where you'd prefer to live, and how you're going to live together. 

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Special Interest Housing

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Living Learning Communities

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Complete the first step in the Housing Selection Process! When you apply for housing, you also agree to the terms in the AIC Housing Agreement. Be sure to review this document before applying for housing.

NOTE: You will not be able to match with roommates or select a room without first applying for housing.

Starting on February 12, 2024 you'll be able to search for and match with your roommates for next year. 

Some of the questions you should ask one another before matching as roommates are:

  • Do both of you want to live in the same residence hall next year?
  • When do you both generally go to sleep and wake up on weekdays vs. weekends?
  • How do you plan to schedule sleep, study, and socializing time in your room/suite/apartment?
  • Do you have any unique quirks a roommate should be aware of?
  • When are you okay with guests coming into your room/suite/apartment?
  • How will you and your roommate keep your space clean AND tidy?


After you have applied for housing, and matched with roommates you'll be able to select your housing during housing selection week. Check here for information on:

  • Housing Selection Week Dates
  • Priority Points and Priority Numbers
  • Residence Hall Eligibility
  • How to Select Your Room