Special Interest Housing communities provide opportunities for students to become more involved at AIC. These communities bring together students who share a common interest to work together to grow and develop their experience around this specific topic. Students living in Special Interest Housing will have exclusive access to pertinent programming and networking within their common interest. 


To apply, select the community that you are interested in on your housing application. Click here for more information about applying for housing.

Hines Hall, First-Year Students

The Health Science floor aims to help residents in the health professions bridge their experience in the classroom by providing a unique learning environment within their residence hall. Residents of the Health Science Floor are surrounded by like minded majors with direct access to speakers and programming, giving students the extra support needed to succeed in some of AIC’s most rigorous programs. 

Hines Hall, First-Year Students

The Business Floor is for first-year students who are majoring in business, or who are interested in learning more about the field. Being part of the Business Floor means that residents are surrounded by like minded majors and have direct access to speakers and programming around today’s ever changing world markets, helping to develop their business skills. 

Pouch Hall, First-Year Students

An intentional community created for first-year students as they explore their identity and culture as women in higher education, specifically through finding empowerment. In Empower, students will have opportunities to share and learn from one another’s cultural experiences and backgrounds, as well as connect over current events related to feminism. Residents in Empower will be encouraged to explore the intersections of gender, sexuality, and other identities. The community is led by a Residence Director and supported by a Resident Advisor who want to foster the growth of emerging young women at AIC and create a community that the seeks to expand the experiences of women.