Priority Points & Priority Numbers

Priority Numbers are administered to each individual student participating in Returning Student Housing Selection Process. These numbers are used to determine the order in which students can select their housing for the next year. Priority numbers run between "1" and "615"; the closer a student is to "1", the sooner their pick time will be.

"Priority Numbers" are based on the number of "Priority Points" a student earns. The more "points" a student earns, the closer to "1" their "Priority Number" will be.

Action Possible Points Notes:

Apply for Housing

Application Timestamp

0-60 Week Dates Points Earned 
Week 1 - 3 (Feb 12 - Mar 3): 60pts 
Week 4 - 5 (Mar 4 - 17): 40pts
Week 6 - 7 (Mar 18 - April 1): 20pts
Week 8 or after (April 2 - After): 0pts
Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) 0-64 Take your cumulative GPA, and cube it, and this will be the points earned.
For example, if you have a GPA of 3.5, multiply it by itself three times (3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 = 42.87), and you will have earned 42.87 points.

Students earn points as they progress through their class standings as follows:

  • Freshmen: 10 points
  • Sophomores: 20 points
  • Juniors: 30 points
  • Seniors: 40 points
  • Graduate and Doctoral: 50 points
Age 10-50 Students qualify to live in different areas based on age, therefore students earn points based on age as follows:
  • Under 20 Years Old: 10 points
  • 20 Years Old: 20 points
  • 21 Years Old: 30 points
  • 22 Years Old: 40 points
  • Over 23 Years Old: 50 points
Credits Earned 0-90 Students earn 1 points per credit earned by the start of the spring term when the housing selection process is being held. There is a cap of 90 points in order to create a fair and equitable process for all students.
Student newly enrolled in the spring term, who do not carry credits will receive points for the credits they are registered for during the spring term.
Student Conduct 0-30 All students living on campus start their academic year with 30 points related to student conduct. Students who do not violate the AIC Student Code of Conduct keep all 30 points for housing selection. If a student is found responsible for violating the Student Code of Conduct and it results in removal from housing or probation-level sanctions, they will lose 30 points.
Housing Selection
Process Engagement
0-10 A select number of programs or events about the Housing Selection will serve as opportunities for students to earn additional priority points. Example: stop by the tabling in the DC and engage with social media or on-campus marketing events.
IMPACT Participation 10-30

Students who successfully participate in the IMPACT Interest Housing in the fall and spring terms will earn points for their participation as follows:

10pts: attended less than 50% of all meetings/programs.

20pts: attend more than 50% of all meetings/programs.

30pts: attended more than 75% of all meetings/programs.

How Your Priority Points Changes When Matched With Roommates:

When students match with roommates, their Priority Points are averaged together to form a new Priority Number. Students or groups of students with a number closer to "1" will have an earlier pick time.