Review the AIC Housing Agreement

The AIC Housing Agreement works much like a lease agreement for an apartment, or a service contract. Before applying for housing, students will need to review and understand the terms, policies, and procedures in the 2024-2025 AIC Housing Agreement. When you apply for housing, you are agreeing to the agreement period (a full academic year that includes the fall AND spring semesters), the terms, policies, and procedures outlined in the 2024-2025 AIC Housing Agreement which includes but is not limited to:

  • The Cancellation Policy
  • Housing and Meal Plan Rates
  • Drug and Alcohol Policies
  • Prohibited items list

After you apply for housing, a copy of the 2024-2025 AIC Housing Agreement will be sent to the student's AIC email address.

Items to Consider

It's always best to go into the Housing Selection Process knowing what your options for housing are. Maybe you're seeking a certain amenity a hall could offer, or you need to plan financially what hall would best fit your needs. 

Our Residence Halls:
To view details about each residence hall, including photos and/or floor plans, please visit the Our Residence Halls page.

Housing and Meal Plan Rates:
To view rates for housing and meal plans, please visit our 2024-2025 Housing and Meal Plan Rates page. It's also best to coordinate with Financial Aid on how living on campus, or how living in a certain area of campus could affect the financial aid you are receiving. To schedule an appointment with the Financial Aid Office, please call: 413-205-3259 or visit their website.

Priority Numbers:
To best establish a fair order in which students can select their housing, each student earns a priority number. Priority numbers are a culmination of the student's: grade point average, credits earned, class standing, age, and when a student applies for housing. The closer a student's priority number is to "1", the earlier their pick time will be. 
When a student matches with another student, their priority numbers will be averaged together to create a joint pick time. 

Make a Back-Up Plan:
While you'll be able to list your residence hall preference in your housing application, that does not guarantee that you will be able to select a room in that area. It's possible that a residence hall fills before you're able to select a room there. If this is the case, you will still be able to select from other available rooms, and the Office of Residence Life will gladly add you to the waitlist for the area you prefer. 

Coordinate With Your Roommate(s):
Before selecting your room, it's best to communicate with your future roommate(s) to:
Make sure you are both in agreement on where you'd like to live next year. You may have different needs from your residence hall be it in amenities, room types, or rates. Have the conversation early to make sure you are both in agreement on where you'd like to live.