How Housing Assignments Are Made:

Students are placed in housing on a first-applied, first placed basis. We make all efforts to place students in their preferred residence hall, however if a hall is filled before we are able to place a student, we will place them in the most comparable residence hall either according to building type or location.

  • Graduate Students: If we are not able to place you in the Acorn Graduate Apartments, you will then be placed in any of the following based on their availability, in this order:
    • Acorn Undergraduate Apartments
    • Edgewood Suites
    • Broadhurst Suites
    • Street Hall
  • If this is the case, you will be placed in a housing assignment, living with other graduate students UNLESS there is a mutual roommate request made in the MyHousing Portal between graduate and undergraduate students.

Housing Assignment Announcement Timeline:
Students who apply for housing will receive their housing assignment, roommate, and meal plan information via AIC Email as follows:

  • Students who apply for housing by June 30th will receive their housing assignment by July 18th.
  • Students who apply for housing July 1st to July 30th will receive their housing assignment by August 3rd.
  • Students who apply for housing after August 3rd will receive their housing assignment by August 20th or within 5 business days, whichever occurs first.

Single Rooms: Due to the anticipated number of students living on campus for the 2023-2024 academic year, single rooms are not readily available to offer new and incoming students. All first-year and incoming transfer students may either match with a roommate in the MyHousing Portal starting on April 24th, or they will be matched with a roommate, using the information provided on their housing applications to determine the best compatibility. Single rooms may only be made available to first-year students and incoming transfer students after they have received an approved accommodation through the Center for Accessibility Services and Academic Accommodations, and if such a room is available.