All of our residence halls serve as communities for our students to build and thrive in. While they all have that in common with one another, each hall has their unique offerings. AIC offers three types of halls: 

  • Traditional Double Residence Halls: Hines Hall, Magna Hall, Pouch Hall, Street Hall
    • Rooms that are designed and furnished for two people.
    • Floors are assigned a single gender, and they share a multi-stalled bathroom.
    • All first-year students under 20 years old will be placed in either Magna Hall or Pouch Hall.
    • First year students 20+ years old will be placed in either Street Hall or Hines Hall.
  • Suite Style Residence Halls: Broadhurst Hall, Edgewood Hall
    • Suites have at least 2 bedrooms
    • Broadhurst Hall features two bedroom, three person suites.
    • Edgewood Hall features two bedroom, four person suites.
  • Apartment Style Residence Halls: Acorn Graduate Apartments, Acorn Undergraduate Apartments
    • Acorn Graduate Apartments feature four person, single bedrooms.
    • Acorn Undergraduate Apartments feature three bedroom, six person apartments.

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