Transition from Zoom to Teams

AIC will transition all virtual meetings to Microsoft Teams starting June 26th. 

Faculty teaching this summer who require zoom for their classes will continue with an educational zoom license. All faculty will need to transition this summer prior to the Fall term. 

Note about ZOOM Recordings: Zoom recordings will be removed as of the transition date, June 27th. You have the option to download and delete recordings Zoom recordings prior to this date. It is highly recommended that you save your recordings to your AIC OneDrive associated with your email account. If you need assistance, contact the IT Helpdesk at 

How this will happen?

AIC will be transitioning all Zoom licenses associated with our AIC enterprise license to a Free license at the end of the day, June 27th. Each person will need reconfirm their zoom account. Click here to confirm your free Zoom account using your AIC Email address. Remember everyone can have a free account. It is limited to 40 minutes. You can use this Zoom account to attend other Zoom meetings and webinars or Zoom invitations.

Why are we doing this?

Many colleges and universities like AIC have already transitioned to using Teams for all virtual meetings. Teams has the same functionality as zoom but some things are in different places. The IT department will host some training sessions, provide video tutorials and documentation on how to use Teams.