1. Open Microsoft Teams

                2. Click calendar on left column

a.        Meet now button top right

a.       If desired, change meeting name

b.       Click start meeting

c.       Toggle the “camera on” switch bottom left to activate camera                            

d.       Invite people via copying the link and sending email, or adding participants


b.       Join with an ID button top right

a.       Click the join with ID button

b.       Enter the meeting details you were given.

c.       Join meeting

1.    Open Microsoft Teams

2.        Click calendar on left column

a.      Click new meeting top right.

a.      Fill out the pop up page’s information- Title, date, etc. 

b.       Invite people if desired. 

c.      Click save

d.      Find meeting in your calendar.  Open the meeting.

                                                                                                  i.      Click COPY LINK

                                                                                                 ii.      Create email and paste the link

متجر بلاي

1.        Open Microsoft Teams

play store download

2.       Click Calendar on left

a.       Click Meet Now from top right

b.       Click Get a Link to Share from Pop up option. Link will be copied to clipboard.

c.       Start meeting if ready

d.       Paste link into email body.

  1. More Button on top toolbar
  2. Click settings and then Device settings
  3.   There’s pulldown menus for Audio Devices, speakers and microphone, as well as what camera to use.  Choose the option you desire from the pulldown choices.

Top Menu Bar click “… More” button

                                1 Click recording and transcribing and choose start Recording  

                                2  To stop recording, click more button and Click recording and transcribing and choose stop recording.

  1. Create a scheduled Meeting.
  2.   Save  it.
  3.  Go to calendar and open that meeting.
  4.  Click on Meeting Options.

  5.  Choose record automatically

Prior to Joining Meeting تحميل متجر بلاي

  1. In video and audio setup screen choose EFFECTS AND AVATARS
  2.   Choose None, Blur or the four presets.
  3.   Choose MORE VIDEO EFFECTS for more options
  4.   You can now choose ADD NEW and upload your own image سينمانا
In a meeting
  1. Click MORE from top toolbar.
  2. Click Effects and Avatars from the drop down menu
  3. Choose your option
  4. Click Apply
  5. These settings will stay until you change them at a future time.
  1. Open Microsoft Teams
  2.   Left hand side column choose Files
  3. Double click the meeting.  It will open in new window.  You can view, share, etc from this page.
  1. Open Microsoft Teams App
  2. Click the profile picture (either a picture or letters)
  3. A pop up window opens.  Hover over the picture or initials, a camera icon appears
  4. Click the Camera icon
  5. A new pop up window opens with option to upload or remove a picture
  6. Choose image or remove image and then click save.

Chat- opens and closes a chat area

                                Type where it says type new message.  Hit Send arrow to send.                                                  

                People- Shows all participants in the meeting

                Raise- Raises a hand to let participants know you have something to ask

                React- Give you a few emoticon icons to display to the meeting participants

                View- Choose what style of view for your screen. 

                Rooms- Choose to create and or manage breakout rooms

                Apps- You can install a whiteboard, or other listed apps.  You then need to share the whiteboard

                More- Here you can record, get meeting info, create meeting notes, change your video avatar and effects, language and speech captions, and settings.

                                Under settings you can change your:                      

                                                Device Settings- Camera choice, speaker and mic choice, noise suppression level

                                                Call health

                                                Meeting Options

                                                                Lobby options, announce when people leave or join, who can present, mic options for attendees, camera options for attendees, chat on or off, allow reactions, provide CART options, and allow attendance report

                                                Accessibility options for sign language and captions

                Camera – turn on and off your camera

                Mic- Turn on and off your Mic


                                Click share and new pop up appears.

                                You can choose to share with sound by clicking toggle switch.  If you are not on correct sound options, a pop up tells you where to make the change.

                                Share in presenter mode with options for style of screen layout

                                Choose a file or window to share

                To stop sharing look for the stop sharing menu button on top toolbar. descargar play store

متجر بلاي
To download Teams to your Desktop or Laptop click here:
Make sure to click Work or School as the download option.
To download the App for your phone click here: تنزيل واتساب