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New to financial aid? Start Here

Whether you are new to AIC or just new to financial aid, this is a great place to begin
The only form that AIC requires to apply for all of the Federal, State and Institutional Aid available is the FAFSA. The FAFSA is literally the one form that unlocks the magic kingdom of financial aid! so go ahead, apply today.

Complete the Master Promissory Note in order to receive your Federal Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Student Loans

Complete the Entrance Counseling in order to receive your Federal Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Student Loans

If your Parent is approved for a Parent PLUS Loan- or you are approved for a Graduate PLUS Loan- and wish to accept it, please complete the PLUS Master Promissory Note here. 

Additional Options

If you've already received your financial aid award and you want to know what else is out there-take a look here- there are plenty of options available to you and your family

Click here to make a payment at the Student Accounts Office, either electronically, in person, or on a payment plan.

A good place to start is the Parent PLUS Loan-Parents of Dependent Undergraduates can apply for a Parent PLUS loan

There are literally hundreds of private education loans on the market today, so do your research, and pick the one that's is best for you and your family.

Leaving college

If you are receiving Federal or State grants or loans, and you leave AIC during a term (rather than at the end of the term) your financial aid will be adjusted to reflect the amount of earned and unearned aid. In essence, your earned aid is based on the number of days you completed, and the remaining balance will be returned back to the department of education. If you leave at the end of the term, you are eligible to keep the aid you received for the term completed, but all future aid will be cancelled. Since we know this can be a bit tricky, we encourage you to contact the financial aid office for more information, and for a counseling session.

Exit Counseling is required anytime a student leaves their college or drops below half time status (typically <6 credits in a semester)- this is a valuable tool that will let you know about all of your repayment options available to you- and what to do if you need some help along the way 
Log into NSLDS to check your federal student loan balance and learn even more about repayment options available to you

Solutions at ECMC

AIC has teamed up with Solutions at ECMC to answer all of your student loan repayment questions. Solutions is a service of the non-profit organization ECMC and is dedicated to helping students manage educational loans. Their resources are available to you free of charge. To contact a Solutions Student Loan Repayment Advisor, email or web chat, visit EMSE Solutions website, or call them at 1-877-331-3262.

General inquiries
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Undergraduates (by last name)
A-M: Lynn Comtois
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N-Z and all student athletes: Cheryl Lake 
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Graduate students     
Amanda Adams, Office Coordinator, Graduate Counselor
(413) 205-3259
Richard O'Connor, Director of Financial Aid
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2023-2024 Award Guides and Cost Sheets

Scholarship Information

As the office is made aware of scholarships, we will post information that we receive about them. 

Some scholarship search engines that can be used as a starting point for students seeking additional scholarships are:

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