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Course changes during the Add/Drop period may be made at any time during the Add/Drop period by meeting with the academic advisor. متجر التطبيقات
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  1. Course Changes after the Add/Drop Period Additions after the Add/Drop period must have the approval of both the student’s academic advisor and the instructor of the course.descargar play store
  2. Withdrawal from courses after the Add/Drop period must have approval of the student’s academic advisor and are subject to the following conditions: سوق بلاي
    1. Up until the 75% completed of a term (“Last Day to Withdraw from a Course”),a student may withdraw from a course without affecting the Cumulative Grade Point Average; such a course will be marked “W” on the student’s record. متجر التطبيقات
    2.  After the 75%-completed mark, identified as the “Last Day to Withdraw from a Course”), a student may not withdraw from a course جواهر
See your Advisor. You may be eligible for transfer credit. سينمانا

First, talk to your professor. There may be something you can do to improve your grade. تحميل واتساب

If you feel your problem has not been resolved, speak with your Dean. Your Dean can help sort things out and provide guidance toward a resolution. google play download

Speak with your Advisor or Dean! You may be eligible to take a Leave of Absence. A Leave of Absence is a temporary hiatus from all course work for an approved period of time, granted upon written request. It is appropriate when the student intends to return to the College to complete their degree program. A leave of absence does not normally extend beyond a 1-year term. واتساب ويب
Speak with your Advisor or Dean about a voluntary withdrawal. A voluntary withdrawal is the status of a student who has chosen of his/her own accord to separate from the College. A student who voluntarily withdraws from the College must notify the Office of the Registrar AND the Provost's Office at the time of withdrawal. Your Advisor or Dean can help you complete the necessary form. تحميل ببجي

Online Instructors: Request an Embedded Librarian for your course
Online instructors can now request to have a librarian embedded in their courses to provide instruction and support for research and class projects.  To request an embedded librarian for your online course, or if you would like to discuss your specific needs with a librarian, please click here to complete an application.