Welcome to AIC's Honors Program!

The Honors Program provides outstanding students from all majors at AIC with an intellectually enhanced learning experience. Students in the program take a variety of special classes that fulfill requirements under AIC’s General Education Curriculum. In particular, they participate in several Honors seminars that are open only to them. Then during their senior year they write an Honors thesis on a subject of their choice. Upon successful completion of the program, students receive the distinction “Honors Scholar” on their diploma and permanent academic record.

One of the Honors Program’s goals is to foster a community of dedicated student learners and scholars. It sponsors special activities for participants like social events and field trips. It also tries to promote cultural and academic life for the entire campus, for example by bringing in guest speakers.

The Honors Program is directed by a faculty member from the College of Business, Arts and Sciences who works in cooperation with a faculty Honors Program Advisory Council and the academic deans. The current director is Dr. Thomas Maulucci (thomas.maulucci@aic.edu).

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