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READ IT AND REAP: AIC alum pens ‘Remains of the Corps’ series a fictionalized history of the Marines

Connecticut writer Thomas Hebert of East Windsor, writing as Will Remain, has drawn upon history and his own Marine service in creating the massive first edition of a planned series, “The Remains of the Corps.” Inspired by his own family history and service during Vietnam (he joined during 1968), author Hebert has created a vast fictional portrait of the type of Marines he knew. While Hebert is an accountant by profession and a chief financial officer in Chicopee, MA his avocation is writing – and his work will be dedicated to the Marine Corps for some years to come, as he plans six volumes. He graduated from AIC in the late 1960s. The full article can be found online with many "Wicked Local" news organizations papers including the Wicked Local Carver.


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