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AIC's Director of Rugby T. Fletcher discusses NCAA, USAR D1 rugby recruiters are making Guam a priority

As recently as the mid-2010s, opportunity barely existed for Guam's high school rugby players to play the sport after graduation. But that is not true any longer. In just five or six years, at least 20 Guamanians have been recruited to play collegiate rugby in the NCAA, USA Rugby and the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. And there are 17 players from the island that will be playing NCAA or USAR Division I - the highest level of collegiate rugby in the U.S. “The number of Guamanians present in the highest levels of collegiate competition shows that the rugby culture on Guam is thriving,” said T. Fletcher, the director of rugby at American International College in Springfield, Massachusetts. “Having that many students playing all across the U.S. is a great indicator of both the quality of rugby being played in high schools, as well as the maturity of your young men and women,” added Fletcher, who has recruited seven of Guam’s student-athletes to play for the Yellow Jackets. To read the full story and find out more about Director Fletcher's plans for future recruitment, go to The Guam Daily Post.

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