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Evidence of Success: CJ Student Graduates State Police Academy

Alumna Paula Martinez Diaz is a shining example of dedication and resilience. After graduating from AIC with a degree in Criminal Justice in May, Paula recently donned a different graduation gown, marking the culmination of her journey through the Mass State Police Academy.


Her latest achievement is remarkable, considering that only 165 candidates persevered through the rigorous State Police program out of an initial cohort of nearly 300. Among the graduates, she was one of only 22 women in the group, and notably, one of just two women hailing from Springfield.


As a student at AIC, Paula excelled academically as a regular on the Dean’s list and was a leader in the ACE program even as she embraced the responsibilities of new motherhood during her junior year. In her senior year, she decided to fortify her candidacy for the State Police Academy by enlisting in the military.


Paula Martinez Diaz’s graduation from the Mass State Police Academy stands as a testament to her commitment to her education, family, and career goals. With her skill set, leadership ability, and indomitable spirit, Paula is poised to make a meaningful and lasting impact in the field of criminal justice.

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