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AIC Student Applauded for Heroic Actions

AIC student and athlete Carissa Michel is being praised for her compassion and quick thinking during the Springfield Thunderbirds annual ‘Pink in the Rink’ hockey game on March 9, to raise money for breast cancer research.


During the game, a guest at the Mass Mutual Center concourse was knocked down and lost consciousness.  Carissa, who was working at a concession stand at the time, sprang into action. She assisted MGM staff and EMTS, comforting the woman, continuously checking her pulse and vitals, and trying to engage her in conversation. Those on the scene recount how Carissa cradled the woman in her arms, providing support and helping to lift and transport her quickly to the EMT station.  


Witnesses say Carissa did not hesitate to take charge of the situation, and her swift and decisive actions are receiving recognition.


“Carissa is one of our athletes as a member of the College’s Women’s Volleyball team. This is what being AIC is about.” - Michael Lavato, Associate Athletic Director for Internal Operations


“Please extend a very heartfelt thank you to her [Carissa] for her actions last weekend. This is a true partnership and an unselfish reaction on her part.” -  Chris Hayes, General Manager, OVG Hospitality


“Carissa Michel deserves to be recognized in some capacity for her selfless service to our guest.” - Matthew H. Ferri, Compliance Project Manager (ARPA), Springfield City Hall

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