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Today is AIC Giving Day

Today, March 1, celebrates AIC, an institution that empowers students to transform themselves and the world around them. #AICGIVES provides members of the AIC family an opportunity to show their pride and make a real difference.
Donors may support the areas they are most passionate about, including programs, departments, teams, and causes that impact the College experience for AIC students. For example, if a faculty member makes a gift to the Academic Excellence Fund, they are helping meet four different challenges: One for the Academic Excellence Fund; one for all the combined academic funds; one for faculty giving; and all of the total giving challenges. 
In 2022, more than 1,100 supporters made a gift on AIC Athletics Giving Day. This year's goal is to raise $300,000 for AIC from 1,500 unique donors. 

As of late this afternoon, AIC GIVES had eclipsed the $200,000 mark. Gifts have been received from well over 700 donors, including more than 150 students, and donors in at least five countries. 


To be a part of AICGIVES, visit today.

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