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AIC’s Winter Festival of Communication and the Arts

Students from Springfield’s American International College are inviting you to come to their Winter Festival of Communication and the Arts. Frank Borelli, Chair of AIC’s Division of Communication and the Arts, talks about this creative online festival. Frank Borrelli's entire interview and details about the festival are available at WWLP-MassAppeal.

AIC helping students staying on-campus for Thanksgiving holiday

With COVID-19 cases rising and travel restrictions in place, many local college students are unable to make it home for the holidays this year. Although students may not be able to go home, AIC is doing a few things to help. Find out what the College is doing in this story on WesternMassNews.

AIC alum's novels will chronicle generations of service in the Marines

His life story sounds like some of the fiction that Tom Hebert now devotes much of his non-working time to writing. "The Remains of the Corps, Volume I: Ivy & the Crossing" came out early this year. Hebert’s story represents the perfect Veteran’s Day story: it’s a tale of military service and a family’s devotion to the Marine Corps. His life's journey is equally interesting. Read the full story in BusinessWest.

American International College adheres to state’s changes to COVID-19 regulations

In a letter to students, faculty, and staff, American International College (AIC) President Vince Maniaci praised the campus community for their diligence in working to keep everyone safe. He stressed that the college’s disciplined adherence to protocols does make a difference in preventing the spread of COVID-19, both on campus and in the community, thereby allowing for an anticipated successful completion to the fall semester. The letter is in response to the rise of new cases of COVID-19 across Massachusetts that have resulted in changes to Massachusetts regulations effective Nov. 6, 2020. More information is available online at BusinessWest and HealthcareNews.

AIC professor weighs in as voters protest as President Trump sues to stop ballot count

WesternMassNews spoke with Robert Ravens-Seger, a political science professor at American International College, about what stopping the ballot count could mean for America’s voice at the ballot box going forward.