All full-time students, including undergraduate and graduate students under the age of 30, AND all full-time and part-time health sciences students regardless of age must meet the requirements contained within this document.


Please upload completed health forms to the Patient Portal.


Los requisitos de vacunación se aplican a todos los estudiantes de pregrado y posgrado de tiempo completo y a todos los estudiantes de ciencias de la salud de tiempo completo y de tiempo parcial. Los requisitos de meningococo se aplican a todos los estudiantes de tiempo completo de 21 años de edad o menos.

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You must submit your physical exam and immunization records to Dexter Health Services prior to the start of classes.


Please upload completed documents to the Patient Portal.


Debe enviar su examen físico y registros de vacunas a Dexter Health Services antes del comienzo de las clases.

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Bring this form with you to your appointment with your health care provider. This form must be signed by your health care provider indicating whether you are cleared to participate in sports without restrictions.


Please upload the completed form to the Patient Portal and send a copy to your Athletic Trainer.

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Health Requirements due prior to beginning participation in college athletics. 

Per NCAA requirements, your physical exam must be completed no sooner than 6 months prior to your pre-season start date.


For example, if your pre-season start date is September 1st, your physical must be completed on or after March 1st.


Debe presentar los requisitos de salud antes de comenzar a participar en deportes universitarios.

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To be completed by all incoming students. Please upload the completed questionnaire to the Patient Portal and include your name and Student ID Number when submitting this form.

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Newly enrolled part-time students and newly enrolled full-time students 22 years of age and older should review the document titled Meningococcal Disease and College Students. 

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Students who are greater than 21 and do not live in on-campus residential housing may waive the meningitis vaccination. Please read, sign, and return the waiver to Dexter Health Services.

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All Student-Athletes are required to know their sickle cell trait status. Please upload a copy of your newborn screening or recent blood test results (Sickledex or Hemoglobin S) to the Patient Portal

Need to schedule a test? Click here to self-schedule an appointment through Quest Diagnostics for sickle cell screening.

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