An online resource for American International College students currently and prospectively in the graduate psychology programs. This includes the Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Counseling Psychology, General Psychology, and the Educational Psychology programs. This page is dedicated to creating a quick, easy-access page for graduate psychology students to get in contact with one another, discuss their programs and courses, and seek advice and help regarding their academic goals/activities. This page also functions as an informational resource center for prospective students who are interested in the graduate psychology programs to gain more information about the available programs/courses as well as the current student body.

This page is NOT designed to provide information regarding sensitive information included in courses, such as cheat sheets and answer keys for tests to be used with the intention of cheating. This page and it's administrators do not condone any student misconduct, and may result in expulsion from the group. For further information, review the student conduct section provided in your program agreement from American International College

Resources provided from this page may include:

-Notes and tips from fellow students;

-Coordination/access to study sessions;

-Aid and directory (i.e. fellow students, staff connections, etc.);

-Overall support and aid;

-Interesting facts and articles to share;

-Peer review for projects, papers and research articles, etc.

If you have any questions, concerns, or possible ideas to facilitate/improve this page, please feel free to contact the Admin Jessica Aubin