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      1. Federal Parent Plus Loan: Need to re-apply for loan at least once every year
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Items to Review:

Financial Aid (Only if you did not accept Federal Student Aid Loans in your prior semesters at AIC or if the Office of Financial Aid requests that you complete them)

The Housing and Meal Plan link will bring you to the Residence Life section where you can find information on the following:

  • Housing Placement Process
  • 2021-2022: Rates for Housing & Meal Plans
  • AIC Housing Agreement
  • Commuter Student Meal Plan Request Form
  • Meal Plan Waiver or Reduction request
  • MyHousing Portal
  • Residency Requirement Waiver Request

Housing & Meal Plans


Explanation of Housing Descriptions on Statement:

  • If you see a building description, like "Room: Traditional Double" then you have been placed in a room assignment
  • Room: TBD: Assignment Pending
    • You have applied for housing and are a registered student and have not yet been matched with a roommate OR has not been placed in a housing assignment yet
  • Room: TBD: Student Action Needed (Action Item)
    • You are a registered student but have not yet applied for housing. Please use the housing link listed above to apply for housing or view additional information.

Questions regarding housing and meal assignments should be directed to

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