ACTION ITEMS:  Summer 2022 (New Students) and Fall 2022 (All Students)



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Forms: Complete Online

Þ Financial Responsibility Agreement Form (once every year)

Þ Other forms are optional. You may submit them to make updates.



Student Health Insurance: Waive or Enroll

Þ Some students are charged for the student health insurance ($2,329 for 2022-2023 annual insurance)

Þ Some students must either submit a valid waiver or enroll in the plan. Please refer to the policy to determine if you are required to take action.

Health Insurance

Statement: Review

Þ Review your statement and determine if you need to make some additional financial arrangements.

Þ Scroll to the  Student Billing Statement


Financial Options: Choose your option(s)

Þ Payments

® Make a one-time payment

® Set up a monthly payment plan

® Scroll to the Payment Gateway

Payment & Payment Plans (Online)


Þ Financial Aid

® File a FAFSA

® Apply for Federal Grad Plus Loans

® Apply for Alternative Education Loans

Note: You must reapply for the loans each year

Financial Aid


Action Items: For Federal Loans




  1. FAFSA: File your FAFSA
  2. Loans:
    1. Federal Unsubsidized Loan may be offered after you file your FAFSA.
    2. Federal Grad Plus Loan must be requested each year.
    3. Requirements: If this is the FIRST time you have accepted one of the loans then you must complete the following:
      1. Entrance Counseling
      2. MPN (Master Promissory Note): Each loan has an MPN and you must complete one for each loan
  3. TEACH Grant contact the Financial Aid Office about this loan for educators



Handout: Student Account Packet

The Housing and Meal Plan link will bring you to the Residence Life section where you can find information on the following:

  • Housing Placement Process
  • 2022-2023: Rates for Housing & Meal Plans
  • AIC Housing Agreement
  • Commuter Student Meal Plan Request Form
  • Meal Plan Waiver or Reduction request
  • MyHousing Portal
  • Residency Requirement Waiver Request

Housing & Meal Plans


Questions regarding housing and meal assignments should be directed to

Helpful Links