Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, all on-campus housing will be closed until further notice.
All residence halls were closed as of March 29, 2020 at 8:00pm.

This decision was not made lightly, and was made in order to further protect our students and the AIC community through social distancing. This is all for the purpose of keeping our students and our community healthy.

Your AIC Student Life team is working for you during the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing you information, new processes, and announcements. 
For additional updates, please visit www.aic.edu/coronavirus.

If you are not able to find the information you are looking for below, please contact us at: residence.life@aic.edu



On-campus student housing for summer 2020 will be restricted to only those students with extenuating circumstances through June 21, 2020. Students in need of emergency housing during the summer 1 session, should visit the Emergency Summer Housing website and complete an Emergency Summer Housing Request found on the myHousing Portal. This includes all students currently living in emergency housing.

A decision has not yet been made regarding if the College will resume normal summer housing after June 21, 2020.

Summer 1 Session
In an effort to keep the AIC community safe, AIC has made the decision to continue the restriction of in-person student employment through June 21, 2020. This means students cannot physically report to work through June 21, 2020, but departments can continue to utilize remote student employees if needed.

Summer 2 Session
A decision has not yet been made regarding in-person student employment after June 21, 2020. AIC will continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19 on College operations and send an update when appropriate.

AIC Dexter Health and Counseling Center Offerings

Effective April 13, 2020

Health Services will be available by appointment only on Monday - Friday from 8:30am - 4:00pm. Please call ahead for appointment (413) 205-3248.

  • If you are remote, medication refills and general medical consultations are done by phone during the new business hours.
  • If you are local, you can still be seen in Health Services – Appointments REQUIRED
  • If you are having difficulty breathing, shortness of breath or any other severe symptoms or medical emergency call Campus Police at 413-205-3333 or 911.

Counseling Center continues to serve AIC students during regular business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:00pm).


American International College understands that the COVID-19 pandemic has been a major disruption in the lives of our students as well as their families. With the recent transition to distance learning and many of our resident students leaving campus, you may have questions about how this impacts your account.

In response to this health crisis, AIC is offering adjustments where applicable to all affected students. Information regarding adjustments to student accounts including room and board, tuition and fees, and student health insurance has been aggregated on this page. If you have any additional questions or require assistance regarding the below, please email studentaccounts@aic.edu.

All resident students who have completed the move-out process will receive a credit adjustment on their student account for the unused portion of their room and meal plan. Commuter students will receive a credit on their account for the unused portion of commuter meal plans.

Room Adjustments*

  • 40% credit* based on individual room choices.

Please contact Residence Life at residence.life@aic.edu for more information.

Meal Plan Adjustments*

  • Weekly Plans (7 Day Unlimited and 14 Meals per week): 40% Return.
  • Block Plans (125 Meals per Semester/75 Meals per semester/30 Meals per semester): Return will be based on the unused portion of the plan.

*Students who chose to remain on campus will receive the credit for the current meal plans and will be charged for a new discounted meal plan.

For students who received institutional financial aid funds (grants/scholarships), the portion of your award that was allocated to room and board will be adjusted.

For additional information on Tuition & Fees, Refunds & Financial Concerns, or Student Health Insurance, please visit the AIC COVID-19 Student Accounts Information page.

To ensure best practices in social distancing, we are limiting the number of students who may enter each residence hall at one time.

Students will need to reserve a 3-hour window on a single day between March 17, 2020, and March 29, 2020, to come to campus and move out. To accommodate all students, students are permitted to reserve one single 3-hour window. During your reserved move-out time, your ID will be turned on for your residence hall and it will shut off when your window of time expires.

Additionally, we know that students may bring family or friends with them to help move out. Each student is limited to bring up to two (2) additional people at a time. If you or the folks you bring with you to help you move have symptoms, or you are ill, please do not enter the residence hall. Contact the Office of Residence Life: residence.life@aic.edu

We encourage you to select your move-out time as soon as possible.

Once a student selects their move out time, we ask that they:

a.) Make all efforts to commit and follow through on the reserved time you choose. Skipping or missing your reserved time will impact other students' ability to enter the residence hall. If a student or someone they bring with them to help move out is ill, they are not to enter the residence hall(s).
b.) Do not ignore your scheduled move-out time.
d.) Do not attempt to enter the residence hall outside of their reserved time.
c.) Do not bring other students, including roommates, in with you during your reserved time (i.e. your roommate didn't make a reservation, and now you've let them into residence hall during your reservation). This defeats the purpose of limiting the number of people in the building at one time.



Packing & Cleaning Expectations

While moving out, students are expected to complete the following:

1.) Remove all personal belongings from the room/suite/apartment.
Do not forget to check your desk and dresser drawers, cabinets, closets, behind furniture, under beds, etc.

2.) ALL trash and recycling is to be bagged and disposed of properly in your residence hall's trash room OR dumpster.

3.) Please leave your room as clean as possible.
Remember: The AIC Housekeeping Staff will be entering all rooms starting on April 1, 2020, to clean, turnover, and sanitize. Please leave your room as clean as possible. Students leaving their rooms in a state that require additional labor and/or materials for housekeeping staff may result in a non-refundable damage billing fee. This includes, but is not limited to the removal of trash/recycling, excessive dirt/grime left uncleaned, or damages to college property.

CARTS: To best protect our students and their families, moving carts will not be available during move out. Having carts will promote the spread of contagion, of which we are striving to prevent. Students and families are more than welcome to bring their own carts, however we strongly encourage that they not be shared.


Please remove as much of your personal belongings you can, and please do not abandon property. We know that it's easy to accumulate a lot of stuff over the course of the year, and that this may be a challenge, but please do all that can be done to remove as much as possible. If needed, please explore the option of either the Emergency On-Campus Storage Space we have on campus (information below), or contact U-Haul ( click here to see their storage space and vehicle rental offer to students).

Property left behind will be removed by staff, sanitized, and donated to a local non-profit organization.

Key Drop Off Instructions

After you have moved all of your belongings out of your room, and brought your trash out to the trash rooms or dumpsters, you will need to drop off your key in your residence halls' Express Check Out Box. The Express Check Out Box is located as follows:

  • Acorn Graduate Apartments: In the common lounge.
  • Acorn Undergraduate Apartments: In the laundry room.
  • Edgewood Complex (Broadhurst, Edgewood, Street Halls): In the main lobby to the Edgewood Complex.
  • Hines Hall: In the main lobby of Hines Hall.
  • Magna Hall: In the main lobby of Magna Hall.
  • Pouch Hall: In the main lobby of Pouch Hall.

Please wash your hands prior to dropping off your key. Please leave your key in the envelope provided at the Express Check Out box, write your information on your envelope, and drop the envelope in the box. Please wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after dropping your key into the Express Check Out box.

Starting April 1st, the Office of Residence Life will be taking inventory of the keys dropped in the Express Check Out boxes. If we find that keys were not returned by a student, we will contact them via AIC email. If the student still has their key, they may mail them to our office at:

The Department of Student Life 
American International College
1000 State Street
Springfield, MA 01109 

Emergency Housing

We understand that few students may have an extreme or extenuating circumstance regarding their living situation. In an effort to ensure that students are not put into a dangerous living situation, we are able to make exceptions for on-campus housing for the following circumstances:

  • Students who may face homelessness or a dangerous living environment
  • Students who cannot travel to their permanent address due to a travel ban
  • Students who do not have funds to travel

During emergency housing:

  • A strict guest ban will be in place:
    • Students in emergency housing will not be able to sign in an off-campus guest, and they will not be able to sign in another student who is living in another residence hall. This is to implement best social distancing practices.
  • The Dining Commons will be open for limited hours, and will be serving meals in disposable to-go containers that the DC staff will fill for the student. Meal plans will work during this time. The Hive, Starbucks, and the Stinger Pub  will be closed.
  • Students living in emergency housing will not receive a pro-rated refund for housing or meal plans.

Students in any of the above situations may request emergency housing and may do so by submitting their Emergency Housing Request, found in the MyHousing Portal. Applications must be submitted before Friday, March 27, 2020, at 4:00 p.m.



Access Approval Request

Students who cannot return to campus may authorize another student to enter and empty their room.

If you need another student to enter your housing assignment to pack and move your belongings, your responsibilities are:

1.) It is your responsibility to make all arrangements with the student you have authorized to enter your housing assignment and pack and move your personal belongings.
2.) Reserve your move out date/time using the Move Out Reservation Request form.
3.) Should your arrangements change, you are responsible for making new ones and communicating them to the Office of Residence Life at residence.life@aic.edu. Should your arrangements fail, it is still your responsibility to have your room vacated.

The student you authorize to enter and vacate your room is responsible for:

1.) Packing and removing all of your personal belongings. 
2.) Bringing all of your trash and recycling to your hall's trash room or dumpster.

You will be able to tell us if you plan to give the student you authorize your key, or if they will need a spare key from the Office of Residence Life. Then, the student you authorize will be able to enter your room. They will then have to leave the key in your residence hall's express check-out box.

To submit an Access Approval Request, please login to the MyHousing Portal.



Storage of Personal Belongings

We understand that some students may not be able to travel with all of the belongings they've accumulated while living on campus this year. For that, we have a very limited space to offer as storage to students. Students may apply for on-campus emergency storage if they live 350+ miles away from the college AND their mode of transportation prohibits them from taking certain personal belongings. 

Emergency Storage Qualifications:

  • A student's permanent address must be 350+ miles away
  • A student's mode of transportation prohibits them from taking certain personal belongings with them (air travel, train, bus etc.)

Emergency Storage Limitations:

  • Students may store personal appliances as long as they are completely emptied and cleaned.
  • Personal refrigerators must be defrosted completely and dry on the inside.
  • Students may store up to:
    • 4 - 45 gallon bags
    • 4 - 18"x18"x24" boxes 
    • 1 personal refrigerator and either 3 boxes or 3 bags
  • Clothing and linens must be laundered and cleaned.
  • Food will not be stored.

Expectations for Students Approved for Emergency Storage:

  • Students must label each bag and/or box with their first and last name, their AIC student ID number, and their most recent telephone number.
  • Students will leave their belongings to be stored in their room. Facilities Maintenance will pick up the belongings to lock, secure, and keep safe. 
  • American International College is not responsible for the damage or loss of any personal belongings in their transport to storage or in actual storage.


If what we can offer in this case does not suite your needs, UHaul is currently offering free storage to students found in situations such as this for up to 30 days. Please visit their website for more details.



With colleges and universities announcing campus closures in response to coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns, Enterprise wants to make it easier for students to get home to their families by reducing the age minimum and waiving the young renter fees for rentals through May 31, 2020.

U-Haul announced that college students affected by social distancing practices may now rent a storage unit free for 30 days, or rent moving vehicles needed while vacating their on-campus housing. 

The free month applies to new customers with college IDs and is a limited-time offer subject to availability. Click on uhaul.com/storage to find the store nearest you. Contact the store by phone or visit in person to take advantage of the offer.

Visit uhaul.com or call 1-800-GO-UHAUL to reserve a truck or trailer. U-Haul also accepts third-party pay, which enables family members to fund their loved one’s moving and storage needs.

Charter will offer free Spectrum broadband and Wi-Fi access for 60 days to households with K-12 and/or college students who do not already have a Spectrum broadband subscription and at any service level up to 100 Mbps. To enroll call 1-844-488-8395. Installation fees will be waived for new student households.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Comcast is offering 60 days of complimentary household internet services. To sign up, applicants can simply visit www.internetessentials.com. The accessible website also includes the option to video chat with customer service agents in American Sign Language. There are also two dedicated phone numbers 1-855-846-8376 for English and 1-855-765-6995 for Spanish.

March 17, 2020, The Office of Residence Life Announced: 

"Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, all on-campus housing will be closing until further notice:

Students currently on campus for the extended break:
Required to move out by March 22, 2020 at 8:00pm

Students currently away from campus, needing to return to retrieve their belongings:
Required to move out by March 29, 2020 at 8:00pm

As AIC moves to distance education, all on-campus student housing will close. All residents that were approved to remain in residence halls during the extended spring break and are currently on campus must move out by Sunday, March 22, 2020. For purposes of maintaining social distancing, all residential students who are currently off campus are required to sign up for a time slot to return to campus and move all personal belongings out of residence halls by Sunday, March 29, 2020. 

This decision was not made lightly, and was made in order to further protect our students and the AIC community through social distancing. At this time, we are asking students to vacate the residence halls (completely move out). This is all for the purpose of keeping our students and our community healthy.
Below we've provided critical information and resources to ensure a successful move-out for all students."