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LOSE WEIGHT, A BALANCE STORY Original post: Fri 1/22/2021 at 12:19 PM

Losing weight is easier said than done! What is the best sport? How, how often, for how long? The questions that arise are many and frighten many people. Here are our tips for losing weight while doing sport.


They often say that to lose weight you need to dedicate yourself to physical activities frequently. However, even though sport is essential for weight loss, it is not enough to eliminate unwanted pounds quickly. It must be combined, not by a regimen, but with a balanced diet to make it truly effective. Likewise, this alone is not enough for weight loss, she is hand in hand with playing a sport.

If you plan to lose a few pounds, you need to change the way you eat, decreasing your calorie intake and increasing your energy expenditure. Everything is a matter of balance. It is not depriving yourself but varying your diet and moderating it, to maintain the hygiene of healthy life. End with sodas, candies and other sweets, choose fruits, vegetables, dairy products ... sport should be seen as a complement to this change in eating habits.


Know first that losing weight is not the same as losing weight. In fact, losing weight can mean thinning, toning your body, but not necessarily reducing the pounds on the scale. Cardiovascular activities (running, cycling, swimming ...) cause significant energy expenditure and melt fat, while muscle activities (weight training) make muscles gain, which are heavier than fat!

Either way, you can lose weight with weight training because the greater the muscle mass, the more our basal metabolism is high and the more it burns energy and therefore calories.

In short, being muscular can mean spending more calories! From an energetic point of view, an hour of running, cycling or swimming allows you to spend 400-600 calories, but a kilogram of body fat corresponds to 8000 calories! When you know that walking a kilometer causes you to lose about 65 calories, you must walk 4.6 kilometers a day to lose a kilo in a month ... Likewise, if you run at 8 km / h to burn about 80 calories per km, so you have to run at that pace for 12.5 hours to lose a pound! Suffice it to say that we have to motivate ourselves and practice regularly to lose weight ...

If you have not been practicing physical activity for a long time, return to the sport gradually. Gradually increase the time of practice and intensity without getting in pain. Give preference to the resistance rhythm, or 60-75% of your maximum heart rate. If your excess weight is important, avoid a sport that requires you to support your own weight, prefer cycling, swimming or rowing.


To lose weight, you should choose an activity that burns calories but decreases your fat mass. Some sports are more effective than others at this point. For this, the sports that work the cardiovascular are excellent. They can be associated with weight training exercises to tone the body.

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