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Essentials of Clinical Laboratory Science by John Ridley .PDF : Essentials of Clinical Laboratory Science - John Ridley Original post: Mon 12/28/2020 at 4:26 AM

bgpviytdruxwmrgl - Read and download John Ridley's book Essentials of Clinical Laboratory Science in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Book Essentials of Clinical Laboratory Science by John Ridley

Essentials of Clinical Laboratory Science
by John Ridley

Essentials of Clinical Laboratory Science by John Ridley pdf
Essentials of Clinical Laboratory Science by John Ridley pdf

Summary: Guide and organize the evolution of your clinical laboratory students from beginners into effective professionals by giving them this invaluable resource, Essentials of Clinical Laboratory Science. This resource fosters critical thinking beyond just the basic procedures, creating a thorough awareness of the clinical laboratory responsibilities that students will have to themselves, to their patients, and to the facilities where they work. Coverage includes the organization of health care facilities, the laws and regulations that govern them, and common tasks and responsibilities for the numerous professional categories that comprise the health care industry. Safety for the laboratory employee, the patients, and the visitors are explained in detail. With an emphasis on efficiency, accuracy, and professionalism, this book serves up the essential ingredients for a holistic approach to laboratory science that augments the diagnosis and treatment of all patients. show more

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Product details Format Paperback | 481 pages Dimensions 203 x 255 x 20mm | 872g Publication date 25 May 2010 Publisher Cengage Learning, Inc Imprint Delmar Cengage Learning Publication City/Country Clifton Park, United States Language English Edition New edition Edition Statement New edition ISBN10 1435448146 ISBN13 9781435448148 Bestsellers rank 2,300,802

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