Student Account Forms - PDF format

For students who do not wish to complete the forms online, you have the option to print each form and mail it to the AIC Student Accounts Office.

REQUIRED-Once every Year

Signing that you understand and agree to the financial policies of the college

(.pdf, 48K)

Optional - Highly recommended for undergraduate students

Complete this form to allow AIC to be able to discuss your finances with other people (parents, guardians, spouses, siblings, etc.) - FERPA

(.pdf, 35K)


This forms indicates your preferences for how AIC can use your Federal Student Aid.

The form mostly applies to graduate/doctoral students who are using federal student aid (grants/loans) as the sole means of payment.  Per federal regulations, the default is that all options are DECLINED. So, you only need to complete the form if you wish to ACCEPT any of the options.

(.pdf, 36K)