Our Living Learning Community

IMPACT is a dynamic three tiered residential community for AIC students of any major that are interested in actively exploring leadership in and outside of a traditional classroom or residence life experience. As AIC’s first Living Learning Community, students will actively engage in conversation around leadership and career development while networking on and off campus. Students living in any of the three communities will receive priority housing selections. Students may apply to live in the community at any time during their career at AIC. Space is limited, apply today!


To apply, select the appropriate tier of IMPACT in your housing application. For more information about applying for housing, click here


Tier 1

Tier 1 of IMPACT, ENGAGE, is a community of first-year students focused on Relationship Building and Community Engagement. Students involved with ENGAGE will create innovative programing and expand their knowledge of the AIC and Springfield Communities. First-Year students selected for the ENGAGE community will live together in Hines Hall. Active members, interested in continuing in the IMPACT community, will receive priority consideration in TRANSFORM, Tier 2 of IMPACT, which also includes Priority Housing in Broadhurst Hall.

Tier 2

Any student after their first-year at AIC can apply to live in TRANSFORM, Tier 2 of the IMPACT Leadership and Career Living Learning Community. TRANSFORM, focuses on two key learning outcomes, Effective Dialogue and Intercultural Knowledge. Through programing and targeted interactions with knowledgeable AIC staff, students will prepare for leadership roles on and off campus. Students selected for the TRANSFORM community will receive priority housing selections in Broadhurst Hall. 

Tier 3

Beginning in Fall 2017, students who have completed tier 2 of IMPACT, TRANSFORM, will be able to continue their journey in ACHIEVE, the 3rd and final tier of the IMPACT community. Students in ACHIEVE will focus on developing their Self Awareness and Ethical Decision Making through guidance from Career Services. ACHIEVE will strive to help all involved students recognize and reach their full potential. Students selected for ACHIEVE will receive priority housing selections for any residence hall. 

ENGAGE (Tier 1): Relationship Development & Community Engagement

TRANSFORM (Tier 2): Intercultural Knowledge & Effective Dialogue

ACHIEVE (Tier 3): Self-Awareness & Ethical Decision Making

  • Transition from high school to college with students who share similar interests
  • Participate in student leadership floor, building, and campus wide programming
  • Career exploration
  • Receive support and guidance from residence life staff, student engagement staff, and peer leaders
  • Discover campus and community leadership opportunities
  • Focus on your personal growth 

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