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Our Mission: 

The Office of International Student Life facilitates the admittance of non-immigrant students to the college and supports their education and development to enable them to achieve their academic, professional and personal goals.  ISL provides advocacy, advice and counseling regarding immigration, cross-cultural interaction and personal matters.  ISL promotes an environment conducive to international education and intercultural awareness by offering educational programs and cultural experiences.

We are here to answer your questions and help you in adjusting to your new American home and campus family. The Office serves as your resource for immigration matters and works with U.S. federal agencies who are concerned with compliance related to international students and students studying and working at AIC. The Office of International Student Life can assist you with problems concerning your immigration status, social and personal adjustment to life in the United States and other personal matters and concerns.

How do I invite foreign guests to Commencement? {expand}

Many American International College students request presence of foreign family members for commencement. To visit the United States, family members must obtain the appropriate visa. In order to support the issuance of the visa, the College will provide verification that the student is anticipated to graduate.

There are two separate request processes that depend on your citizenship. Use the appropriate process outlined below:

Domestic students requesting foreign guests:

Visit the Office of the Registrar in Lee Hall to request verification of the anticipated graduation.

You will receive:

1.A notarized letter verifying your upcoming graduation, and

2.A template that can be used as additional support. It can be found here

F-1 visa students requesting foreign guests:

Visit the Office of the Registrar located in Lee Hall to request verification of the anticipated graduation.  You will receive a notarized letter verifying your upcoming graduation.

After your receive your verification letter, bring it to the Office for International Student Advising to request a letter verifying your F-1 student status.

Please contact the appropriate offices as soon as possible. Since your relatives must appear in person at a United States Embassy or Consulate in the nation where they reside, it is best to have your documentation to them as far in advance as possible.

My I-20 signature has expired. What do I do? {expand}

If you are an F-1 visa student who is traveling outside the United States, you are required to have a current I-20 to gain re-entry to the country.

Before travel, please check page 2 (if you have the new version of the I-20) or 3 (if you are still using the old version) of your I-20!

If the date of the most recent signature is one year AFTER your anticipated return date, the I-20 is current. For example, if page 3 has a date of 12/01/2016 and you plan to return on 11/02/2017, you are in the clear. If page 3 has a date of 12/01/2016 and you plan to return on 01/15/2017, you need a new signature.

There is no limit to the number of I-20s or travel signatures that an F-1 visa student can receive. So, if the dates are close, we suggest obtaining a new travel signature to be safe.

Requesting a Travel Signature

To receive a new travel signature, drop off your I-20 to Lesley LaMarche, lower level of the Shea Library (Center for Academic Success). Allow 3 business days for processing and an email will be sent when the document is ready for pickup.

Requesting a New I-20

Complete the request form below and allow 3 business days for processing. An email will be sent when the document is ready for pickup.

How do I obtain my I-94 record of admission? {expand}

If you are requested to provide your I-94 most recent record of entry, navigate here and have your passport number handy!
Once all the information is entered, submit the request to load your most recent record of entry.
To save a copy of the document, select print and change the printer to "Save as PDF" and choose a location to save the document.

How do I request a new I-20? {expand}

I was requested to submit a copy of my I-901 payment. Where do I go? {expand}

Obtaining a copy of your I-901 payment is simple.  Navigate to and select "Check I-901 Status/Print Payment Confirmation."
Fill in the requested information to load a copy of your receipt.
Once loaded, save the document as a PDF. 
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