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What Do Likes on YouTube and why Do They Matter on Video Original post: Thu 1/14/2021 at 5:41 AM

The main purpose of likes, of course, is to express users' attitudes toward content. But in some social networks, "Like" marks are given much more. And it would be strange if it were different on the most popular video hosting site, which is famous for its fundamentally different attitude to users' marks. So now I'm going to tell you what the likes on YouTube are and how to get them in the shortest possible time.

What Do Likes Do on Youtube for Channel and Video

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People who are seriously engaged in maintaining their channel don't need to explain what "monetization" means. It's making a profit from your profile. And it is very much influenced by likes, views, and even in some cases, dislikes. Regardless of what users do on your profile or what path you decide to take to generate income from your channel, it will always be tied to your audience and, in particular, the likes. That's why every video asks us to give it a thumbs up. But there is also an option to speed up the whole process. You can go to and quickly make a purchase for the likes of YouTube without having to perform tasks or provide personal information or passwords.

In addition, with a spike in activity under the video, your material will come out trending. There's no need to explain what the TOPs give you - it's clear to everyone that it will start to increase your audience literally in front of their eyes. And judging by what trash is going on in the trending videos, it's not that hard to get into this section.

Viral effect 

Also, thanks to the likes, your video can get a viral effect and gain a lot of views. You must have seen channels with only 50 subscribers, all your videos get 100-200 views each and one of them "shot" and got 100 thousand in the first week.
There are situations when videos really take off. This is due to various factors (I'm not going to talk about promotion), but the viral effect is often due to likes.

  • The likes and dislikes are intended to let the author know how much the video is liked by the users of the video hosting service;
  • Some users, by giving likes, mark the video they like so they can review it later or send it to their friends;
  • Like likes serve also for the video hosting itself: the system defines the popularity of the content according to their number and promotes it;
  • Youtube can analyze users' preferences and based on the aff affixed likes gives recommendations on videos on similar topics or by an author you like.

Now it becomes clear why bloggers are so insistent on asking to like their content: positive likes promote their work to the top of search results on YouTube. The more likes, the higher the video will rank, and the system will recommend it to the target audience more often.

The essence of such viral effects is that if someone likes your video, it immediately appears on his channel in the "liked videos" section. This means that any other users or followers of the person who gave you the "Like" button will be able to go to that video and watch it, as well as put a "Like" mark, after which the clip will be displayed in their "Liked" section. And then it's all increasing. Subscribers of those people also see your video in a special section, click on it, and now it is for them. Thus, a whole pyramid can be formed, due to which such a viral effect occurs.

How do likes on YouTube affect promotion?

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I have already told you why we need likes, and partially mentioned what they do in terms of increasing the audience. But in fact, the benefit in promotion is the most pressing topic. Therefore, more about it.

Video hosting administrators do not want to reveal video indexing algorithms and characteristics that affect the frequency of display of your content in the proposed videos. You will probably agree with me that this is quite logical, because in this way users can use these algorithms against the system and showcase low-grade content. Nevertheless, third-party publications do their own research and compile statistics to identify patterns of successful channel and material. And likes are not the least of these ecosystems.

Here's a list of the most important "Like" tags in terms of promoting features:

  • As I said before, a surge of activity allows for trending.
  • If a user sees a small number of likes or more dislikes than thumbs up, they will be extremely skeptical of the material in advance. This will not only affect audience engagement, but also audience growth - skeptical users won't subscribe to you.
  • With peer-to-peer PR, users analyze everything. Thumbs up and thumbs down ratios included.
  • Materials with more "Like" tags show up higher in search results than others.

How do you earn likes for your channel?

It's not enough to just ask for likes by completing your video. To make your channel popular, you need to promote it using the right methods:

  1. Make quality videos that will be useful and interesting to the target audience.
  2. To make qualitative editing of videos to remove unnecessary things from them as well as to supplement videos with interesting special effects and transitions.
  3. Prepare a detailed description of the video, which will detail and entice the content of the video.
  4. Choose the most vivid and expressive miniatures, reflecting the essence of the video. They clearly reveal the content of the video and attract the target audience to watch.

At the end of the video do not demand a "like", but say that you really care about the opinion of your audience to continue. For convenience, you can include a "Like" button that pops up at the end of the video.

To attract your target audience, it is recommended to have pages in social networks, where you will repost your videos from your work channel. By actively recruiting friends, you can increase the number of views and likes, as well as significantly increase the number of subscribers.

In addition, you should lead an active "social" life on YouTube: keep feedback from those who wrote reviews under the videos, like the judgments of users, as well as leave vivid comments under other people's clips. The latter is able to interest people: they will go to your account page, watch a couple of videos and, having evaluated the quality content available, will like and subscribe to you.

How to like or dislike

There's nothing complicated about liking or disliking a video you've watched. Go to the channel and select the video, start the player. At the bottom you'll see information about the clip: the name of the channel, the date it was uploaded, and the number of people who've subscribed to it. On the right side you can see the number of views of the particular video and two symbols in the form of raised and lowered thumbs.

  • Like - thumbs up;
  • disliked - thumbs down.

If you liked the video, click "Like"; otherwise, click "Disliked. After you express your opinion about the content you watched, the symbol will change color. After you click on a positive icon, it will turn blue, and if you choose to dislike it, it will turn red. Influencing the number of positive and negative evaluations is easy enough. Do you get a lot of dislikes? Order likes from real YouTube viewers at Avi1 quickly and inexpensively, and there's the balance. Now your reputation is in your hands.

Interestingly, users can leave their opinion not only about the viewed content, but also on people's posts in the discussions. Why on YouTube are there dislikes in the comments? They are needed so that the authors can assess the main sentiments of the target audience and correct the existing errors.

Dependence of channel profit on likes and comments

Interestingly, the popularity of videos is influenced not only by likes, but also by dislikes. The system raises actively commented videos to the top, so it's important to not only get positive ratings, but also to encourage your audience to comment on the content. To do this, at the end of the material or in the description, ask your audience for their opinion on the topic. When users start commenting on the video, keep in touch with them by liking the comments, thanking them for their advice, and encouraging discussion.

The active position of the channel's author is the key to the fact that the target audience will be interested in the content posted, will evaluate it, comment on it, and thus promote it to the top of search engine results.

Limits on adding likes

To maintain the performance of the channel, it is worth observing the restrictions imposed by the administration to combat cheating. Of course, no one published them, and everything, again, according to the people who made the experiments. However, these experiments assure you that if you abide by these limits, you will definitely not lose your account.

  • Comments: about 100 per day if you're not giving out links to third-party sites.
  • Likes: about 200 per day.
  • Subscriptions. Few people know, but you can not subscribe to an unlimited number of users. For new pages it is 750, for older accounts - 2000.


What do likes on YouTube do? A great deal. They are an essential condition for constant and high-quality growth of the audience. So don't overdo it - it doesn't really increase anything, it just creates visibility. It is better to invest in the promotion of your material, in the creation of really cool videos.

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