When Blackboard shells are created they are unavailable (invisible) to students.  This provides instructors time to post and edit materials prior to the start of classes.  Instructors can access courses that are listed as "unavailable." When ready, a course may be made available by following the steps in this document.play store تحميل
Blackboard courses are unavailable (invisible) to students when they are created.  This allows instructors to prepare content in the course before students can access it.  Instructors can follow the steps in this document to make a course available (open) to students at the start of the term.
Blackboard course shells are created on this schedule:
  • Fall courses: mid-July
  • January courses: late-November
  • Spring courses: late-November
  • Summer courses: early-April
Student enrollments are added beginning a few weeks before the start of class.  Enrollments are based on records in our student information system (Jenzabar).  During add/drop period enrollments will be updated twice daily:  8-10 am and 1-2 pm.  Students who are enrolled in courses after 1 pm will appear in Blackboard the next business day.
In order to have access to a Blackboard course, you must be registered for that course in our student information system (Jenzabar).  During add/drop, enrollments will be updated in Blackboard twice each day between 8a and 10a and between 1p and 2p.  Registration events that occur after this window will be updated in Blackboard the following morning.
Students may not see a course if the instructor has not yet made it available.
Instructors must be listed as the instructor of record for a course in order in Jenzabar in order to have access to the Blackboard course.
If you are having difficulty logging in to Blackboard, check the following:
  1.  Be sure you are logging in to http://my.aic.edu only.
  2. Log in with your full AIC email address and email password.
  3. If you are a new student or instructor, you will not have access to Blackboard until you are registered or assigned to a course.
  4. Non-teaching staff do not automatically gain access to Blackboard.  Please submit a help ticket if you are a non-teaching staff member who needs to access Blackboard.
  5. Enrollments are processed twice daily during the add/drop period, 8-10 am and 1-2 pm, Monday-Friday.  If you registered or received your account information after these hours, check back on the next business day after 10 am.
  6. If the options above do not work, contact the help desk for assistance.  You can submit a ticket by clicking on the link, or call 413-205-3402.