FREE Job Simulations with Leading Companies!

AIC students have access to a large volume of virtual work experiences through a platform named Forage

Forage job simulations build real-life skills for real-life roles, offering a window into top companies and preview of their day-to-day.  Job simulations are self-paced and 100% free.  Upon completing each job simulation, you will earn a certificate of completion which you can use include on your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Completing any of these job simulations will help you:

  • Expand your knowledge
  • Develop practical skills
  • Demonstrate expertise
  • Network with employers
  • Gain a hiring advantage, including priority consideration for internships with leading companies!

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What Can I Do With This Major?

This online resource features 100 major profiles with information on common career paths, types of employers that hire in the field, and strategies to maximize opportunities. Scroll to the bottom of each profile for links to professional associations, occupational outlook information, and job search resources.

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CareerSpots Videos

Get real-world career advice from global organizations! CareerSpots videos are short, engaging videos to empower students to learn and help launch their careers.

  • Fast, fun, 1-3 minutes in length
  • Global experts with real world advice
  • How to find jobs & internships
  • Watch anywhere, anytime, on any device