Welcome to American International College and to the Yellow Jacket Family! We're excited that you're considering living on campus where everything AIC has to offer is at your fingertips: easy access to professors and staff members, ideal locality to the Dining Commons, Shea Library, and academic areas, and events or programs going on daily. This is your chance to contribute to a community of your peers all working to building memories while achieving great things!

If you have questions about living on campus, we're here to help! 
The information below may assist in your path to on campus living, or let us know how we can assist:

American International College

New & Transfer Student Spring 2024 Housing Applications

Applications are live starting Monday, October 23rd.

Applications are due Friday, January 5th at 4:00pm.

Applications take priority based on the application received timestamp. The sooner you apply, the better to guarantee a housing assignment.


  1. Students will not be able to access their MyHousing Portal until they have been admitted into the college, have submitted their deposit, and have activated their AIC e-mail. Once this e-mail has been successfully activated, students may log into their MyHousing Portal using their AIC e-mail and password. If you have trouble logging into the MyHousing Portal, or if you have not received your AIC Email and password, The AIC IT Help Desk will be able to help.
  2. If a student is under 17 at the time of signing the housing application, a parental verification will be required. This verification will be e-mailed to the parent/guardian and the parent/guardian will have to follow the link in the e-mail to confirm.


  1. Login to the MyHousing Portal using the AIC email address and password the IT Help Desk sent you after you were accepted, admitted, and deposited to American International College. 
    • If you receive an "Error 500" message, or if you cannot login, the AIC IT Help Desk will be able to assist. 
  2. Click "Application" at the top of the page, and select the "New & Returning Student Housing Application: Spring 2024"
  3. Review the AIC Housing Agreement, and leave a signature at the bottom of the page to advance into the application.
  4. Enter your contact information, your housing preferences, and your emergency contact information.
  5. You will receive a confirmation message and an email in your AIC email when you have successfully submitted your application.


  • Any specific roommate requests need to be sent to Residence.life@aic.edu. Residence Life is not able to guarantee roommate pairings due to housing occupancy.


  • All accommodation requests must be submitted to and approved by the Center for Accessibility Services and Academic Accommodations (CASAA). CASAA addresses all ADA-approved accommodations for both inside and outside of the classroom. After accommodation is approved by CASAA, Residence Life is notified and all available options are presented to the student.

How Housing Assignments Are Made:

Students are placed in housing on a first-applied, first placed basis. We make all efforts to place students in their preferred residence hall, however if a hall is filled before we are able to place a student, we will place them in the most comparable residence hall either according to building type or location.

  • Graduate Students: If we are not able to place you in the Acorn Graduate Apartments, you will then be placed in any of the following based on their availability, in this order:
    • Acorn Undergraduate Apartments
    • Edgewood Suites
    • Broadhurst Suites
    • Street Hall

Housing Assignment Announcement Timeline:
Students who apply for housing will receive their housing assignment, roommate, and meal plan information via AIC Email as follows:

  • Students who apply for housing by January 5th will receive their housing assignment by January 8th
  • Students who apply for housing after January 5th receive their housing assignment by January 10th or within 3 business days - whichever comes first

Single Rooms: Single rooms are not readily available to offer students moving to campus for Spring 2024. Single rooms may only be made available to students after they have received an approved accommodation through the Center for Accessibility Services and Academic Accommodations, and if such a room is available.

All of our residence halls serve as communities for our students to build and thrive in. While they all have that in common with one another, each hall has their unique offerings. AIC offers three types of halls: 

  • Traditional Double Residence Halls: Hines Hall, Magna Hall, Pouch Hall, Street Hall
    • Rooms that are designed and furnished for two people.
    • Floors are assigned a single gender, and they share a multi-stalled bathroom.
    • All first-year students under 20 years old will be placed in either Magna Hall or Pouch Hall.
    • Sophomores, Upperclassmen, and first year students 20+ years old will be placed in either Street Hall or Hines Hall.
    • Click Here for Traditional Double Room hall information and photos.

  • Suite Style Residence Halls: Broadhurst Hall, Edgewood Hall
    • Suites have at least 2 bedrooms
    • Broadhurst Hall features two bedroom, three person suites.
    • Edgewood Hall features two bedroom, four person suites.
    • Open to Graduate Students and Upperclassmen (must be a Junior or Senior by credits, or 20+ years old)
    • Click Here for suite style hall information and photos.

  • Apartment Style Residence Halls: Acorn Graduate Apartments, Acorn Undergraduate Apartments, Graduate Annex
    • Acorn Graduate Apartments feature four-person, single bedrooms. Open to Graduate students only.
    • Acorn Undergraduate Apartments feature three-bedroom, six-person apartments. Open to Graduate Students and Undergraduate Students (21+ or Senior By Credits).
    • Graduate Annex features five-person apartment with one double and three single bedrooms. Open to Graduate students only.
    • Click Here for apartment style hall information.


All residential students agree to the terms in the AIC Housing Agreement. This includes important information such as:

  • Housing Rates,
  • Cancellation Policies
  • Consolidation Processes
  • Alcohol and Drug Policies
  • And other pertinent information relevant to residential expectations.

Students and their families are strongly encouraged to read this document prior to applying for Housing.

It can be exciting and confusing on what to bring with you to campus. Check out the "What To Bring" list for the best suggestions on what to bring with you for move in day. 

For a full list of our prohibited items list, please review page 15 of the AIC Housing Agreement.