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AIC Professor of Economics John Rogers comments on hiring drought in the restaurant industry

Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, restaurants across Western Mass. have continued to experience a hiring drought with fewer applicants and applicants lacking qualifications resulting in staffing shortages and increased training demands. Some restaurants have had to reduce hours or close on given days as a result of shortages. 

Western Mass News is getting answers after speaking with John Rogers, a Professor of Economics at American International College. "I think a lot of people have moved on. They found other things to do. And so you have to dig into a whole new supply of people. And everybody else is looking for the same people," said Rogers.
Rogers believes that this worker shortage will end, "I think you're going to have a big shakeout. And eventually, this whole thing will balance out. And you will have a new relationship between employers and employees. But we have to get there and it's going to take some time."
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